About us

Da Ring-Maker is a boutique jewel designer, crafting just 2-3 Fine Diamond Rings every month. Every ring under this collection is a personification of an inspirational story. It has a lot of emotion attached to it. We are honoured to be able to adorn some of the finest hands for Red Carpet as well as upscale parties with Rings of Da Ring Maker.

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  • Arun Agarwal
    "Got a ring customized for my wife on our 10th Anniversary. Its the best piece of Jewelry I have purchased, & her favorite"
  • Pawan Patodia
    Its the first time, that I have worn the same Jewel or Accessory for 30 consecutive days.
    Pawan Patodia
    Collector cum Exhibitor of Designer & Antique Jewelry

DaRingMaker will organize everything for you

Customized Rings

Specially carved according to your requirement

Gold & Diamond

Dealing in the most precious and beautiful metals

Loving Gift

Symbol of love, beauty & passion

Hanumant Diamonds

From the house of reputed & well known Brand